The Heavy Assault has access to 3 different toggle-able* overshields that absorb damage and decay while toggled:

Adrenaline Shield
Nanite Mesh Generator
Resist Shield

All Overshields reduce movement speed by 25% while active.

Tip: All overshields do not benefit from any forms of damage reduction (e.g. the Nanite Mesh Generator’s Overshields don’t get the bonus 20% small arms reduction from Nanoweave).

*The default ability keybinding is [F]

Killing an enemy partially recharges the Adrenaline Shield’s (Adren) capacitor by 31/35/38/41/44%* (143/160/173/186/200 energy).

The activation cost is 43 energy, and decays at 18 energy/second while active.

*The rest of the statistics are exactly the same as the first level of Nanite Mesh Generator – 450 energy that passively regenerates to full in 31 seconds.

Tip: Kills will recharge Adrenaline Shield whether it’s activated or not.

150/200/400/500/1000 certs per level, respectively

The Nanite Mesh Generator (NMG) spontaneously creates a dense projectile-absorbing shield around the user. This shield absorbs a set amount of damage, and will need to recharge after stopping several projectiles.

Generates a dense mesh of nanites around the soldier that decays slowly while active, and absorbs up to 450 damage before failing. Regenerates to full in 31/28/26/24/22/20 seconds.

The activation cost is 10 energy, and it decays at 12.5 energy/second while active

Auto Granted/1/30/100/200/500 certs per level, respectively

Generates a decaying shield of nanites around the soldier that mitigates 35% of incoming damage instead of preventing it. Damages taken does not cause this shield to drain more quickly. Lasts up to 9/10.5/12/13.5/15 seconds and recharges to full in 17 seconds

50/100/150/200/500 Certs


The Heavy Assault has access to 6 different passive suit slot abilities:

Advanced Shield Capacitor
Ammunition Belt
Flak Armor
Grenade Bandolier
Munitions Pouch
Nanoweave Armor

Increases the speed at which your shields recharge to full by 33/38/42/45/50% (4/3.75/3.5/3.25/3 seconds), and reduces the delay before your shield begins recharging by 1 second

Tip: Standard infantry shields recharge in 6 seconds after not taking damage for 6 seconds

Recharge delay reduction does not stack with the implant Survivalist

1/10/30/100/200 Certs

Allows soldiers to carry additional magazines for both their primary and sidearm weapons.

Grants access to the Ammunition (Ammo) Belt which allows soldier to carry 1/2 additional magazine for both their primary and sidearm weapons.

Tip: You carry at least 4 primary and 5 secondary magazines in reserve

50/500 Certs

Flak Armor reduces the amount of damage taken from explosions.

Reduces damage taken from frag grenades and common explosions by 50%/+ infantry rockets by 20%/+ light anti-vehicle explosives by 20%/+ air-to-ground explosives by 20%/+ tank mines and C-4 by 50%

1/10/50/150/1000 Certs

Allows 1/2/3 additional grenade of any type* to be carried.

*You cannot carry more than one type of grenade at one time.

100/150/500 Certs

Allows 1/2/3/4 additional rockets of any type* to be carried in reserve.

*You cannot carry more than one type of rocket at one time.

30/150/500/1000 Certs

Reduces damage taken* from non-explosive projectiles.

Reduces damage taken from small arms, heavy machine guns, gatling guns, aircraft noseguns, and anti-aircraft machineguns, and anti-materiel rifles by 20%.

*Does not stack with the implant Symbiote, nor reduce damage received from headshots.

-/-/-/-/Auto Granted

Grenade Slot

The Heavy Assault has access to 3 different throw-able* grenades:

Anti-Vehicle Grenades
Concussion Grenades
Frag Grenades (default)

3-second fuse.

Tip: Grenades bounce off of everything, including friendlies!
You cannot hold/”cook” grenades before you throw them.

*The default ability keybinding is G.

Anti-Vehicle (AV) Grenades can stick to and damage vehicles and MAX units, but are less harmful to standard infantry.

Damage: 750 @ 1m – 100 @ 5m.

200 Certs

The Concussion Grenade disorients targets in the blast area, slightly blurring their vision and lowering movement and mouse sensitivity control.

Being hit by a second concussion grenades vastly increases the effect and inverting the victim’s aim.

Damage: 100 @ 0.5m – 1 @ 10m

200 Certs


The standard frag grenade, capable of heavily damaging infantry targets.

Damage: 1275 @ 1m – 50 @6.5m

Auto Granted


The Heavy Assault has access to 4 different utilities:

Auxiliary Shield (default)
C-4 (Explosives)
Medical Kit
Restoration Kit

C-4 Explosives are capable of incredible damage to infantry and vehicles alike.

Increases total C-4 capacity by 1.

1250 damage before 2.5m and 10 damage after 5m

200/500 Certs