The Light Assault has access to 4 different activate-able* jetpacks that help the Light Assault maneuver better than most classes:

Ambusher Jump Jets
Drifter Jump Jets
Icarus Jump Jets
Skirmisher Jump Jets (default)

*The default keybinding to activate the jetpack is by is holding [Spacebar]

Ambusher Jump Jets provide a quick burst of forward thrust, with limited vertical height, and a 8/7.5/7/6.5/6 second cooldown between uses.

Tip: Ambusher Jump Jets expends all of the fuel capacity on use.

150/200/250/500/1000 Certs

Drifter Jump Jets allow the user to glide for long periods of time, but lacks the vertical thrust of other jump jet types. Improves thruster efficiency, increasing total air time by 4/7/11/15 seconds.

50/100/150/200/500 Certs

Icarus Jump Jets provide significantly faster vertical thrust and fuel recharge rate at the cost of in-air maneuverability and overall fuel capacity. Increase fuel regenration rate by 12.5%/14%/16.5%/20%

50/100/200/500/1000 Certs

Skirmisher Jump Jets provide balanced thrust, mobility, fuel capacity, and recharge rate, allowing them to adapt to most situations. Increase fuel capacity and regeneration speed by 8%/11%/14%/17%/20%

Auto-Granted/10/50/100/150/500 Certs


The Light Assault has access to 8 different passive suit slot abilities:

Adrenaline Pump
Advanced Shield Capacitor
Ammunition Belt
Flak Armor
Flight Suit
Grenade Bandolier
Munitions Pouch
Nanoweave Armor (default)

Increases the user’s sprint speed by 10% while equipped

30 Certs

Increases the speed at which your shields recharge to full by 50%, and reduces the delay before your shield begins recharging by 1 second*.

Tip: Standard infantry shields recharge in 6 seconds after not taking damage for 6 seconds

*Recharge delay reduction does not stack with the implant Survivalist

-/-/-/-/Auto-Granted Certs

Allows soldiers to carry additional magazines for both their primary and sidearm weapons.

Grants access to the Ammunition (Ammo) Belt which allows soldier to carry 1/2 additional magazine for both their primary and sidearm weapons.

Tip: You carry at least 4 primary and 5 secondary magazines in reserve

50/500 Certs

Flak Armor reduces the amount of damage taken from explosions*.

Reduces damage taken from frag grenades and common explosions by 50%/and infantry rockets by 20%/and light anti-vehicle explosives by 20%/and air-to-ground explosives by 20%/and tank mines and C-4 by 50%

*Damage reduction does not stack with the implant Response Jacket.

1/10/50/150/1000 Certs

Increase maximum fuel by 30%/35%/38%/40% for most jump jet types*.

*Ambusher Jump Jets regenerate fuel 10%/15%/17.5%/20% faster

30/100/200/500 Certs

Allows 1/2/3 additional grenade of any type* to be carried.

*You cannot carry more than one type of grenade at one time.

100/150/500 Certs

Allows 1/2/3/4 additional Rocket Rifle magazine* to be carried in reserve.

*You cannot carry more than one type of rocket at one time.

30/50/150 Certs

Reduces damage taken* from non-explosive projectiles.

Reduce damage taken from small arms by 20%/and heavy machine guns by 20%/and gatling guns by 20%/and aircraft nose guns and anti-aircraft machineguns by 20%/and anti-material rifles by 20%

*Does not stack with the implant Symbiote, nor reduce damage received from headshots.

1/10/50/150/1000 Certs

Grenade Slot

The Light Assault has access to 4 different throw-able* grenades:

Flash Grenade
Frag Grenade (default)
Smoke Grenade
Quick-Det Flash Grenade

Tip: Grenades bounce off of everything, including friendlies!
You cannot hold/”cook” grenades before you throw them.

*The default grenade keybinding is G.

Upon detonation, the Flash Grenade will temporarily blind, deafen, and reduce the accuracy of infantry within its blast radius, making it perfect for breaching crowded rooms. 3 second fuse.

200 Certs

The standard frag grenade, capable of heavily damaging infantry targets. 3 second fuse.

Damage: 1275 @ 1m – 50 @6.5m


A grenade which produces a large smoke screen capable of providing cover for a short period of time. 3 second fuse.

200 Certs

This short-fuse version of the standard Flash Grenade will temporarily blind and deafen infantry targets, but do so with less effectiveness as the original. 1.5 second fuse.

150 Certs


The Light Assault has access to 4 different utilities:

Auxiliary Shield (default)
C-4 (Explosives)
Medical Kit
Restoration Kit

Advanced calibration systems passively increase your maximum shield health by 50.


C-4 Explosives are capable of incredible damage to infantry and vehicles alike.C-4 is a powerful explosive that can deal incredible damage infantry, MAXes and vehicles alike.Use Aim to throw a brick of C-4 and hold Fire to detonate. Increases C-4 capacity by 1/2.

Increases total C-4 capacity by 1.

1250 @2.5m – 10 @ 5m

200/500 Certs

Medical Kits instantly restore 500 health. Increases the number of medical kits that can be carried to 1/2/3/4.

50/100/150/500 Certs

Restoration Kits regenerate 70 health per second for 12 seconds (840hp total). Increases the number of restoration kits that can be carried to 1/2/3/4.

Tip: Restoration Kits will continue to heal you if you take damage, or are at full health.

30/100/200/500 Certs