An ability that increases the amount of ammo the MAX can carry for each weapon by 1/2/3/4/5 magazines.

100/150/200/500/1000 Certs

An ability that restores a 20% of a MAX’s health over 12 seconds. Recharges in 60/57/54/51/48/48 seconds.

1/100/150/400/500/1000 Certs

Once activated, the MAX’s power core will become overclocked, infusing the MAX with unstable energy. This unstable energy increases the maximum damage output by 10% and increases the movement speed slightly. Incoming damage received by the MAX is increased by 20%. Toggle-able. Lasts for 16/18/20/22/25 seconds.

150/200/400/500/1000 Certs

Upon activation, the max MAX will anchor itself to the ground thus becoming immobile. Once locked down, the MAX will have increased fire rate, reload speed, and projectile speed by 15-30/20-35/25-40/30-45/35-50% (varies per weapon).

150/200/400/500/1000 Certs