Interested in tanking? Get started with armor in PlanetSide 2.


Defense Slot

This final section covers the common pool defense slot options that can be equipped on any tank. The Empire-specific tank […]


One of the most important skills of an effective tank crew is communication. Take the time to establish things like […]


Effective positioning is absolutely critical to success as a tanker. All the aiming skill in the world will not save […]

Directional Armor

Modern tank armor is not of uniform thickness around the vehicle, meaning that an MBT’s sides and rear are far […]

Engineer Loadouts

As a tanker, you will be spending the majority of your time as an engineer. It’s important to get this […]

Gunnery Practices

While positioning is one part of tanking, poor gunnery practices will get you killed just as easily as poor positioning. […]