One of the most important skills of an effective tank crew is communication. Take the time to establish things like target prioritization prior to driving off, or you will encounter problems when you enter the front lines. Of particular importance is whether to use cardinal directions to identify threats (North, South, etc) or relative bearings (1 o clock, etc). Relative bearings are great for single vehicles, but in a convoy a callout of “lightning on your six” won’t be particularly helpful.

Another important aspect is making sure your gunner knows when to repair. Many tank fights have been lost because the gunner or driver hopped out to repair a damaged vehicle when staying in the seat and taking another shot could have changed the outcome. Tanks repair very slowly, which means that there’s generally two situations for repairs: Either both the driver and gunner repair, or neither repair. If you wish for your gunner to begin repairing on his own, give them a specific instruction.