This final section covers the common pool defense slot options that can be equipped on any tank. The Empire-specific tank sections cover the special defensive upgrades each tank can use.

Stealth Module

The stealth module defense option removes the tank from being auto spotted on the minimap at 75/50/20m and completely prevents the vehicle from being auto spotted at max rank. Max rank also increases the lock-on time of rocket launchers by 1 second.

Stealth is the usual go-to for the defense slot as being invisible on the minimap makes it easier to maneuver or sneak around targets as long as direct line of sight is broken. This ability gives you one of the primary means of avoiding detection by aircraft. Keep in mind that stealth doesn’t mute your tank engine, so enemies sitting in areas with minimal noise interference can easily hear tanks sneaking up.

Flanker Armor

The flanker armor defense slot reduces the damage done by C4, infantry rocket launchers, and air to ground warheads by 20% at max rank.

Flanker Armor is generally too niche of a role for most veteran tankers to use as a defense slot over options such as the stealth module. Typically flanker armor is best used on an anti-infantry or anti-air focused loadout as a direct counter rather than a typical defense option for usual vehicle gameplay. 

A common misconception when it is that players think that this is a direct counter to light assault C4 bombing. In practice, Flanker Armor provides barely enough resistance to prevent being outright destroyed by two bricks as long as the tank is previously undamaged. Light assaults can then finish the vehicle off with their Rocklet rifles. Pairing flanker with fire suppression can be helpful in deterring harassers attempting C4 drive-bys, but the best anti-C4 defense is to remain mobile in areas where enemy infantry are present.

Proximity Radar

The proximity radar defense slot scans the area around the tank every 0.5 seconds and reveals the location of infantry within a 30/35/40/50m radius at each cert rank. It should be noted that this should not be confused with the Scout Radar defense slot for ESFs, Valkyries, Flashes, and ANTs. Proximity radar only reveals infantry to the occupants of the vehicle that it is equipped rather than for both the occupants and nearby friendlies that Sout Radar can.

Typically tanks that run this defense slot are more used for farming infantry than anything else and are usually quick pulls meant merely to quickly end a fight, or are dedicated HESH farmers.. It is recommended that for long term anti-infantry loadouts, the flanker armor option is chosen for higher survivability.

Nanite Auto Repair (NAR)

The nanite auto repair defense slot repairs 6.25% of the tank’s health every 5 seconds and taking damage will disable auto repair for 12 seconds

NAR is typically used as a quality of life defensive slot, requiring the driver to only have to repair the tank when on fire or when a majority damage is repaired to let NAR take care of the rest. The major benefit of NAR is quick turnaround time when it comes to taking your tank back into the action while on the move. Small ticks of damage can prevent this benefit  and it is not useful during direct engagements with other vehicles.

The only recommended loadout for NAR is typically for solo drivers due to the overall health pool of the tank compared to the lightning as a one-man tank. Hit and run tactics should be used when using NAR as the lack of a stealth module for close-range engagements and limits your capability to deal damage and reliably survive if you’re running solo.