Updated on November 1, 2020

How to Find a Good Fight

As a solo player, it can be difficult to find a good fight. When you’re playing with a squad this […]


The PlanetSide 2 community uses a variety of terms and terminology to talk about the game. On this website, we […]


Introduction There are 10 types of currencies in Planetside 2: Certification Points ISO-4 Nanites A7 Daybreak Cash Merit A.S.P. Training […]

How to choose a Faction

Planetside 2, has three factions:                                […]

How to Choose an Outfit

What is an outfit? In simple words, an outfit is a clan or a guild – a concept commonly found […]

How to Gain Certs

Certs (also known as Certification Points) are the most important in-game currency of Planetside 2. Essentially, they can be used […]

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