There are 10 types of currencies in Planetside 2:

  • Certification Points
  • ISO-4
  • Nanites
  • A7
  • Daybreak Cash
  • Merit
  • A.S.P. Training Points
  • Auraxium
  • Synthium
  • Polystellarite
Certification Points Icon
Certification Points

Certification Points, or Certs for short, are used to unlock and upgrade skills and equipment.

Certs are gained for every 250 Experience Points and by completing Alerts, directives, or missions.

Max: 10,000  | 50,000 (non-Members  | Members)

ISO-4 Icon

ISO-4 is used to upgrade and craft implants.

ISO-4 is gained by breaking down duplicate implants and by completing Alerts, directives, or missions.

– ISO-4 is an expensive late-game currency. Save it up until you understand the implant system more!

Max: 100,000

Nanites Icon

Nanites are used to spawn vehicles and resupply consumables.

Nanites regenerate overtime at a rate of 50 Nanites/minute.

Max: 750

A7 Icon

A7 is a data-based currency, which is used to purchase rare weapons and equipment from the Black Market Vendor on-board Sanctuary.

A7 is gained by downloading from exposed terminals and by completing directives, or missions.

Max: 5,000

Merit Icon

Merit is used to purchase boosts, equipment, and cosmetics from the Outfit Quartermaster on-board Sanctuary.

Merit is gained by capturing and defending bases alongside Outfit members.

– You need to be in an Outfit to start gaining Merit.
– Leaving or being kicked from your Outfit resets your Merit and Loyalty Rank, but you keep any purchases made with Merit.

Max: 20,000

Daybreak Cash Icon
Daybreak Cash

Daybreak Cash, or DBC for short, is used to purchase cosmetics, boosts, and weapons.

DBC can only be redeemed using codes or purchased in the Depot.

Max: 100,000

A.S.P. Training Points Icon
A.S.P. Training Points

Advanced Specialization Program Training Points, or A.S.P. Training Points for short, are used to remove certain class-based restrictions or reduce the cost of pulling vehicle types.

Players can opt-into A.S.P. at Battle Rank 100 (or higher) for a one-time 10,000 Certs purchase (or free for current All Access Members). A.S.P. Training Points are gained every 20 levels until Battle Rank 100.

Max: 5

Outfit Resources

Auraxium Icon

Auraxium is the most common resource type. Many Outfit-Owned bases provided periodic Auraxium gain, and participating in a base capture will always provide your Outfit with some amount of Auraxium.

Max: 500

Synthium  Icon

Synthium is an uncommon resource type. These are typically earned when your Outfit owns a Major Facility or Construction-Enabled Lattice Base.

Max: 500

Polystellarite  Icon

Polystellarite is a rare resource type. It may be earned periodically when your Outfit owns an extremely valuable base. There is one such base located at the center of every continent.

Max: 500