As a solo player, it can be difficult to find a good fight. When you’re playing with a squad this tends to not be a problem, as you can stick with your squad and squad leader. Each time you die while playing solo, you should check the map and try to determine what fight is the best. It’s better to take 20 seconds to figure out where you should be than get stuck at a bad fight, which can only frustrate your session.

Reading Pop-Ratios

A rough priority list of best fights by pop and type of fight:

Underpoped Defenses (40% vs 60%)

60/40 is ideal, past 70/30 tends to get spawn camped quickly. Underpopped defenses give you a reliable spawn and lots of enemies to shoot at, making them ideal.

Equalpopped Defences(50% vs 50%)

Same as underpopped, just less enemies. Tend to end somewhat quickly with the defenders pushing out the attackers, but good for a couple minutes.

Equalpopped Attacks (50% vs 50%)

You have to rely on sundies, which can die and end the fight, but attacking can be a great fight if you’re on point. Lots of enemies rushing you makes for easy kills.

Overpopped Attacks (60% vs 40%)

Can be tough to get kills if you’re more than 55-60% but these tend to last longer than overpopped defenses.

Overpopped Defenses (60% vs 40%)

These almost always end really quickly, best to avoid them instead of wasting time.

Base Layouts

It really helps if you can learn base layouts and which bases are best to attack and which are better to defend. Lithcorp central for example is a top priority base for me to defend but one I avoid at all cost when attacking.

If you’re attacking another factor to consider is where your sundies are located. A good fight with a 2 minute run from the bus is actually a bad fight.


Bio labs are tough to attack unless you know the tricks, but are one of the only bases that can provide a good fight while overpopped and attacking. They’re also basically always good when defending. These should be a top priority.


Tech plants make a great defense, but are tough to attack solo due to bad sundy spots.

Amp Stations

Amp stations are good for both sides

Size of fights

As a general rule, the smaller a fight is the more flanking potential there is. Flanking = easy kills, so smaller is typically better. If you get too small you can struggle getting kills.

I find 24-48 for each side to be the best sized fights. 12-24 and 48-96 are good as well. 96+ is good at a handful of bases (nasion’s defiance, waterson’s redemption, some 3 point towers) but most of the time I avoid 96+. 1-12 is typically not enough pop to get a decent number of kills and will end really quickly.

Another factor to consider is how big the base is. A 12-24 at nasion’s defiance is nowhere near enough pop to have a good fight, but a 12-24 at lithcorp central is perfection.

How to get to fights

For defenses, reinforcements needed will typically give you a direct spawn regardless of where you are. If not, try instant action. If it doesn’t give you a good fight cancel it before you spawn. If it’s one or two hexes away you can spawn hop (go to a base between you and your goal then immediately redeploy and you’ll have a spawn at your fight). If all else fails, just fly there. Better to spend a minute flying to a good fight than 3 minutes at a bad fight.

Originally adapted from Crossjon’s Guide –