Certs (also known as Certification Points) are the most important in-game currency of Planetside 2. Essentially, they can be used to customize the loadouts. That includes buying and modifying weapons, upgrading the class abilities or getting new implants. Cosmetic items are not available for Certs.


For each 250 EXP gained you are rewarded 1 Cert.
With every rank-up, players also receive 100 bonus Certs, and therefore it’s also important to know how to spend them (check out the “Your First Certs” guide on the side panel after!).
Certs can be earned from every action that gives EXP, such as:

  • Killing enemies
  • Assists
  • Revives
  • Supporting allies
  • Capturing and defending bases
  • Farming Cortium
  • …and much more!

Earning Certs as a New Player

The most efficient way to earn Certs as a new player is to support your allies as a Medic. When participating in bigger fights, you’ll find a lot of players needing revives (75 EXP each) and healing (10 EXP per tick). You also get more EXP when supporting squad members!

Playing Medic is recommended as this can be done while still killing enemies and capturing bases.

Just to Note

  • Certs are character-bound
  • You can carry a limit of 10.000 Certs before having to spend them
  • Paying members can save up to a maximum of 50.000 Certs.