10v10 is a common infantry format used by several past events. The below Rules & Regulations are adapted from the most recent 10v10 tournament, PIL:X.

Rules & Regulations

  1. The capture timer for the base is doubled. Capture point starts at neutral with equal capture time for both teams.
    1. Base is owned by either team’s faction at the start of each round.
    2. Referees AND Teams are responsible for point timer setup – neutralizing point timer at middle for both teams.
    3. Both team captains need to agree on timer progress before the round begins. After the round begins, the timer is considered as neutral.
    4. Players must be inside the sunderer until the round begins. This rule will be strictly enforced. Being outside of the sunderer until the exact point of match start will result in action against that player.
    5. Teams are not allowed to rotate players during a round. All lineup changes must be made during the halftimes between the rounds. The referee must be informed about these changes.
      1. If a player has connection and or hardware issues, he/she can be switched out between rounds only.
      2. If a player was penalized for an infraction, the team cannot switch him/her out until the penalty expires.
  2. One round lasts 15 minutes OR until either team captures or fully defends the base (respective of the faction ownership of the base), whichever happens first. In the case of hitting 15 minutes, the team that has more progress on the cap wins the round. Point capture victory and point time victory both hold the same weight.
  3. Players must be on PSB Teamspeak in an appropriate channel designated to them by an Admin at least 15 minutes before the match.
    1. In regards to any possible delays or missing players, the team captain must immediately inform the referee of the match and/or Admin team.
  1. Players must follow all instructions given by the referee and/or the Admin.
  2. Before the match, teams must bring their sunderers to the assigned positions.
  3. Stop the captimer and neutralize the point for base set up, unless instructed otherwise by the Referee.
  4. Players are not allowed to spawn or enter any spawn room during the round.
  5. Players are not allowed to enter any teleporter during the round.
  6. All infantry terminals inside the base must be destroyed before the rounds start. If any terminal is left alive inside the base, such terminal shall not be used by the Players.
  7. Players are prohibited to enter any base turrets.
  8. During the match, players and teams must at all times follow any and all orders or rulings given by the referee.
  1. The matches are played solely as infantry.
  2. Prohibited Items and Features:
    1. Vehicles
    2. Construction
    3. Max suit
    4. Rocket launchers
    5. Engineer Class Abilities (All turrets, Hardlight Barrier)
    6. Smoke grenades, smoke launchers and smoke bolts
    7. Recon devices: motion spotters, decoy grenade (spotting bug), recon darts, recon bolts, radar on sunderer
    8. Shotguns
    9. Any newly added weapons are considered banned unless otherwise cleared with organisers (From April 19th of 2021).
    10. Heavy weapons (jackhammer, lasher, chaingun, thumper)
    11. Directive weapons and equipables (such as fujin).
    12. Underbarrel launcher attachments.
      1. Punisher class-based UB attachments are excluded from this rule
    13. Squad beacons and instant action
    14. Nanoweave Armor
    15. Ambusher Jump Jets
    16. Grenade Bandolier
    17. NS-44 Blackhand
    18. Nano Armor Cloak (NAC)
    19. Stalker Cloak
    20. C-4
    21. Carapace is only allowed on the medic class
    22. All sorts of Mines
    23. Any A7 or Merit based item
    24. Outfit Assets
    25. Power knives (Ripper, Carver, Lumine edge and Firebug)
  3. Following items or game features are restricted as follows in the tournament matches
    1. Implants
      1. Following Implants are not allowed: Assassin, Catlike, Counter-Intelligence, Covert Drop, Critical Chain, Deep Operative, Minor Cloak, Nightmare, Phylactery, Revenant, Safeguard, Sidewinder, Fortify
      2. All other implants of any rank are allowed, with exception of possibly bugged or broken implant features
      3. Any newly added implants are considered banned unless otherwise cleared with organizers. (As of April 19th of 2021)
    2. All SMGs/Scout-rifles are prohibited on the heavy assault class. These weapons are available to other classes without any limitation
      1. Exception to this rule are the following Warden, AMR-66, Eidolon
    3. Infiltrator class is limited to one per team
    4. No ASP perks
  1. Having a direct line of sight to the opponent’s Sunderer and shooting opponents is not allowed.
  2. The usage of cloaked Sunderers is not allowed.
  3. The usage of Proximity Radar on Sunderers is not allowed.
  4. Damaging an opponent’s Sunderer is prohibited.
  5. Admins will provide players with maps of the bases which indicate the limited or restricted area in relation to the opponent’s spawn.
  6. Referee of the match shall oversee that unregulated spawn camping does not happen.
  7. All the other items or gameplay features which are not banned or restricted according to these rules are allowed.
  8. Admin team retains the right to add or remove items and features to and from the banned and/or restricted list at their discretion if the functionality of the items is altered or bugs, or otherwise unintended mechanisms, are found.

  1. Unsportsmanlike conduct is not allowed. Unsportsmanlike conduct includes the following:
    1. Trolling, insulting, or toxic behavior towards other teams, the referees, or the organizers. This can include in-game communication like yell chat, tells, use of in game macros such as v6, and voice chat. This can also include out of game areas, such as the lounge area on discord.
    2. Delaying a game unnecessarily. If you are having technical issues let your referee and opponent know as soon as possible, otherwise you are expected to start on time.
    3. We expect all players to play seriously and continue to compete, regardless of the score or who you are playing. Failing to do so will be seen as unsportsmanlike conduct.
  1. All players need to be on PSB TS (Address: PSB) during their match with their name as the name given to the organizers. Matches will start at the set time, unless both teams and the organizers agree to a delay. Players need to be on Teamspeak at least 15 minutes before the start of the match.
  2. Teams consist of 10 players. Any team with less than 10 players online at the start of the match will be issued a match forfeit.
  3. Not all matches will be streamed.
  1. Each roster must have 16 minimum and 25 maximum unique players on a roster. The team must field 10 players for the match.
    1. The teams are required to submit a roster of players to the organizers. When submitting a roster:
      1. The team rep must provide a main character for each player. The organizers reserve the right to reject any player they have reason to believe did not provide a main character. Players must also give a username that they are known to the community by, the organizers reserve the right to reject any player that fails to do so.
    2. Players are required to use the provided account, they cannot use any other Jaeger account for tournament matches.
      1. Players cannot delete or create characters on the provided account.
    3. A player can only be on one roster.
    4. Before the match begins, the members playing in the match must be identified to the organizer. If a substitution occurs at halftime, then the referee needs to be made aware by the team’s captain before the second half begins. Substitutions will not be allowed while play is ongoing.
    5. Team names or in-game outfit names may only be linked to an outfit’s tag or name with the permission of that outfit’s leadership.
    6. When the halves start, only the 10 active players per team may be online and in the Teamspeak channel.
    7. The organizers may ban any teams that have dropped out of previous jaeger events after signing up.
    8. The organizers may ban any players or teams that have been banned/disqualified from previous jaeger events.
    9. Teams are allowed to submit a decal that will be shown on the tournament page and on stream. Organizers may refuse any decal or team name for any reason, most notably if they feature hate symbols, Not Safe For Work (NSFW) imagery, flags, political speech or any form of copyrighted material.
  1. 2 minutes suspension inside the sunderer for 1st infraction.
  2. 5 minutes suspension inside the sunderer for 2nd infraction.
  3. Match and following 2 matches disqualification for 3rd infraction.
  4. Ref has final call on applied penalties and discipline.