Please read everything below if this is your first time playing on Jaeger!

What is Jaeger?

Jaeger is Planetside 2’s tournament server! It is where all community-run competitive & casual events occur, such as:

  • The Guinness World Record Planetside 2 event!
  • Planetside Open Games & Planetside Infantry League
  • Community Smash, Lanesmash, & ServerSmash
  • Outfit Practices & Trainings

How can I play on Jaeger?

You do not have to download anything to play on Jaeger

Unlike the other servers, players cannot create accounts to play on Jaeger. Rather, players are handed out pre-made, single-use accounts for an event, and will receive a different account for every time they want to log into Jaeger. Please do not re-use accounts, or save the login-information!

Why play on Jaeger?

  • Every character (3) comes with 3-4 million certs and most of them are already fully certed out by previous users, so its a great way to try out implants and guns you might not have on the main game!
  • Reserve specific bases to train on or practice strategies!

Who hands out accounts?

Currently, the Planetside Battles Team hands out Jaeger accounts to event organizers. If you would like to request accounts for your event, join their Discord here.

Event organizers are required to make sure that, not only themselves but their event attendees, know the Jaeger rules. Failure to follow rules can prevent players from attending or organizing future Jaeger events.


Jaeger accounts are given for one time use only!


  • Log back into Jaeger (after the event is over)
  • Save the username or password
  • Delete or create any characters
  • ASP your character
  • Go below 100k certs
  • Go to bases that players outside of your event are using
  • Kill players that aren’t part of your event / that you do not know

Simply put, don’t delete, ASP, or mess with others. Be patient, and if you have a question, just ask!

I have an account, what now?

  1. Open Live Launcher (the one you use to play on live, not the Planetside 2 Test Launcher)

2. Click on the Down arrow

3. Click “Log in to a New Account”

4. Enter the given username and password (you can copy-paste both the username and the password directly in)
Remember – DO NOT click remember me on this computer.

If you do not get an error, click play! Remember the PSB and the event’s rules, and HAVE FUN!