What is a Named Account?

A named account is a repurposed PSB account that is granted to a single player on the basis that they frequently play on Jaeger and agree to follow the rules with decreased supervision.

Benefits of a Named Account

A named account has your name on it, hence the named part. Others in-game will see your name rather than just some numbers. You also will not need to request an account to play on Jaeger. The account will be yours to use as you want so long as you follow the rules.

Who Can Apply?

Any player who frequently uses Jaeger, such as every weekend for pickups, is encouraged to apply for a named account. Any player who has previously been banned from PSB however will automatically be denied.

How Do I Apply?

You can take the form here. After you apply it may be a day to over a week before you receive a reply. Spamming applications may see you denied entirely. Discord is the preferred form of communication, followed by email then Reddit (Reddit is not strictly required). Please do not spam messages to any PSB staff, applications are checked semi-frequently. If it has been over a week you are welcome to send a reminder.

There are 3 possible outcomes after taking the form.

  1. You passed. You will be contacted and asked about what tag you would like to use. More on that below.
  2. You failed the form. You will be contacted and asked if you’d like to redo the form. You may redo the form immediately after reviewing this document.
  3. You failed your usage check. You will be contacted and told that you need to play on Jaeger more frequently. You can reapply after playing some more.


Blockx (PSB Admin, Named Account Admin) ← Please only contact him

  • Reddit: /u/blockXelite
  • Discord: @Blockx#3327

Reltor (PSB Admin, Account Admin)

  • Discord: @Reltor#3675


All of the following are grounds for the removal of your account:

  • Accounts are only to be used by those they are assigned to. No sharing your account.
  • Violations of DBG naming policy. This also goes for outfit names on Jaeger.
  • Long periods of inactivity.
  • ASP is not allowed on any PSB account. No prestiging.
  • No deleting characters.
  • Cheating/exploiting is not allowed by DBG or PSB, and will also have you banned from PSB.
  • Excessive toxicity (i.e. harassing others).
  • Repeated violations of hard event rules, such as those that form the basis of the event (vehicles in pickups for example). Soft rule (i.e. gentlemen’s agreements) violations will be subject to interpretation.

Other Rules

  • All named accounts are still owned by PSB. Any DBC purchases will stay with the account and therefore with PSB. If you lose your account there will be no promises made that you will ever receive the same one back.
  • One named account per person.
  • General Jaeger usage rules from PSB and other Jaeger entities should be followed (i.e. no interfering with someone else’s event).
  • You must be able to respond in Discord or Teamspeak when asked. Any server can be used.
  • All names must be your IGN or a form of it (i.e. whatever people best know you by).

Evidence of Usage / Jaeger History

Any use of Jaeger through PSB is tracked through the various spreadsheets each event uses to hand out accounts, as well as through the Census API from DBG and through Teamspeak if applicable. Evidence for named accounts concerns only recent activity, within the months prior to application. Please do not cite a smash you played in back in 2015 for example.

Also, considering that named accounts exist for users that frequently and consistently use Jaeger, smashes or other major events countless towards your activity. For events where practice accounts are provided, the user must still present activity outside of the event regardless of how often practice accounts were used. This is to keep players who the only login for events/tournaments from taking up accounts that would just end up being removed.


Every named account must have a tag. The tag is the 2-4 character string in front of one’s name, like an outfit tag. Before the account is set up you will be asked what tag you’d like to use. If you have no tag to use you will be given the “PN” tag. This can be interpreted as a shortening of “PSB Named” or “Personal Named”, or something along that line of thought.

  • If you want to use a different tag you must have some reasonable claim to it or in some way own that tag.
  • If you want to use a tag from an outfit or group you are in, you must be either high-ranked or someone in a high-ranked position must agree to it.
  • The group whose tag you use retains the right to the tag. If the group doesn’t want you to use their tag anymore, it must be changed.

In addition to having some reasonable claim to the tag, it must also not be in contention with another active group’s tag. If the tag you want isn’t claimed by anyone else, or the group that does have it is effectively dead (read dead-fits), then there will be no conflict.

All tags are subject to interpretation. Tags cannot violate DBG naming policy. You can request your tag to be changed at any time on a reasonable basis.

Use of Named Accounts in Events

Organizers must agree to the use of named accounts in events before they can be used.

Removal / Recycling of Accounts

Long-term inactivity or violation of the rules will have your account removed. Your characters will be deleted and the account will be reset so someone in the future may use it. If you become disinterested in Planetside 2 and stop playing on Jaeger, please contact us so that we may remove your account.

Receiving of Account

After your account is created you will be messaged in Discord or Teamspeak.. You will be given your account details and told to login. It is recommended that you save your account details. If you ever lose your account details contact Blockx so you can get them back.

Your account may come with certs on it already or you will be told how to get certs on your account.

Other Notes

Keep in mind that scheduled events such as OvO hold priority regarding the usage of bases.

If you would like to reserve a base make an OvO request and put “no accounts needed” or “named accounts” in for the portion of the account if you need no accounts.