Slicing the Pie

Right-Angle Peeking

Sprint Peeking

Instead of strafing out from the corner you sprint out and then make a roughly 90-degree turn to aim at your target.  At the same time as you turn to aim, strafe with the turn, so you’re strafing back into the corner.

The advantage of this is that by sprinting out you can maximize peek first advantage.  You’re also not limited to peeking by the edge of the corner; you can sprint a little further out so that if your opponent was pre-aiming the corner, you’re out of their crosshairs again and they have some work to do to catch up.

Strafing back into the corner is also significant.  Going from sprinting forwards to strafing the opposite direction can create a small warping effect on your opponent’s client that makes you a little harder to initially aim at.

Also the player model animations in Planetside are not great and can be very misleading, especially with rapid mouse movements and changes of direction.  The way that Planetside displays a quick flick to your target while also strafing back from your sprint direction can be very misleading for the other guy, throwing his aim.

Adding a crouch just after the strafe can throw a pre-aiming player off again, as he was probably aiming at head level.

The downsides of this are that you need to peek further out from the corner which risks exposing you to multiple enemies.  You also need to aim very quickly and accurately or the peek advantage that you gain is not fully exploited or can even be completely lost.  This is an advanced technique and I would consider fast, reliable aim to be a prerequisite for it.

In theory this will work a little better when you have a higher ping and when the server tick rate is slow (large fights at prime time.)  These two things will give you some more ms of advantage and can exaggerate the warping effect a little more.