The PlanetSide 2 community uses a variety of terms and terminology to talk about the game. On this website, we also use common PlanetSide lingo. As a new player, not knowing some of these terms can lead to some confusion.


Sens – (mouse) Sensitivity
KPM – Kills Per Minute
KPH – Kills Per Hour
TPH – Techplant (captures) Per Hour


ADS – Aim Down Sights
HSR – Head Shot Ratio (percentage)
ACC – Accuracy (percentage)
COF – Cone Of Fire


MBT – (empire specific) Main Battle Tank (e.g. Magrider, Vanguard, Prowler)


ESF – Empire Specific Fighter (e.g. Scythe, Reaver, Mosquito)


VS – Vanu Sovereignty
TR – Terran Republic
NC – New Conglomerate
NS – Nanite Systems
NSO – Nanite Systems Operative