[BWAE] Bushdio Wae DefensiveShades Emerald

I am DefensiveShades and if you’re reading this guide that means you want to learn about Squad Leading in a point hold situation and point-holding in general. I’ve been doing point-holding for almost 5 years at this point and I can definitely tell many of you I’ve lost count of the hours. After being able to run 2 successful outfits in two different eras of Planetside 2 being [JOKE] (An Emerald Outfit) from 2015-2016 and BWAY/BWAE (Also an Emerald outfit) from 2018-Present. I believe, I have accumulated enough experience to be one of the first to make as much of a detailed guide as possible for new players and veterans reading on CyriousGaming website, Planetside Guide website, or the Bushido Way website on how to point hold!

Feel free to visit my outfit website to check out my YouTube channel (FULL of point-holding videos) and learn a little bit about me and my experience!

Into the Heart of the Matter

When I talk about point-holding with a squad and being an effective point-holding squad leader; I am talking about taking a base with less than 12 people against double and maybe sometimes triple your numbers. Other Times it can be 24 players vs 48 or even more. The point is; you’re dealing with enemy overpop with your team that is generally half their size, and need to make the best of your situation while also taking the base!

Here’s are some past pointholds carried out by my outfit:


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