When it comes to point-holding especially in the modern age of Planetside 2 it’s important to really discuss classes, load-outs, and implants. Having the proper load-outs can really make or break your point-holding squad.

For my outfit, my general rule for a squad of 12 is the following:

PlanetSide 2 Heavy Assault Class Icon

5-6 Heavies

4 Medics

1-2 Engineers

1 Infiltrator

The class setup presented here was created to give detailed information on how many enemies you will be dealing with, the firepower needed to take out enemy maxes and vehicles and to make sure your squad is topped off with ammo and utility. In addition, it is definitely critical to not compromise on the number of medics you have as they’re the most important asset to keeping a squad alive and making sure the rest of your squad has more up-time in combat holding off the enemy.

Next, we get into the load-outs which can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HwScpj0iJVffVrvekb63lfsjRVlii4NvXB6hWxt2lQk/edit?usp=sharing

The topic of load-outs is complicated so I will be providing a detailed video at the end of Section A encompassing everything that was written and for it to be explained in more detail. 

So, let’s talk about the most important implants instead which are Safeguard and Athlete.


Safeguard is one of the most important implants for a point-holder because it allows for you to take more damage upon revive for 1.5-3.5 seconds depending on the level of safeguard you have. Basically, TLDR, when you get revived you come back stronger!

As a point-holder; you’re going to DIE a lot and it’s important that we give you a bit of a boost upon death.


Athlete for some is interchangeable but for a point-holder, it’s critical when you’re in a brawl and for that NICE aim speed. In addition, when getting revived the stop animation from getting up is nullified and allows you to move to a different location upon revive making it harder to kill you upon revival, if someone is shooting at you as you’re actively moving while getting up from death.

TLDR: you’re not a stationary target when getting up from a revive and are actually moving during the revive animation; you move faster after sprinting for 6 seconds and #MOVING ZOMBIE

An example of having the implant and not having it:

Without Athlete

And finally a demonstration from the only Planetside 2 player with a PH.D Dr. Atherum using Safeguard and Athlete!

To finish up section A and not blow your brains out because we have only been covering the most IMPORTANT stuff on paper is to end it by talking about C4.

C4 is critical when fighting over-pop and combined arms as 12 folks sometimes aren’t enough to stop a coordinated push. C4 is an extreme force multipliers for heavies and medics . C4 will allow you to clear multiple enemies from doorways, kill maxes with ease, and prevent large blobs of enemies from stacking up and wiping you and your small squad out. A good demonstration of C4 usage from my outfit.


Gotta love that Pizza!

And as promised; an entire youtube video from me explaining the class load-outs and why each one is important.