After many many years of transporting my folks and I have found two ways to really keep your squad together which is to beacon drop or to fly a galaxy.

Backcapping Beacon Drops

Step 1: Have your squad hold the point you’re currently defending in order to be ready to backcap the next base down the lane (Back Capping is the art of ticking an enemy timer while defending the previous base) 

Step 2: Send one player with an ejection seat ESF to fly over to the next base as fly as possible

Step 3: Tell that ejection seat ESF player to drop a beacon for your squad

Step 4: Have your squad drop on the beacon

An example of a point-hold from start to finish from [SUIT] (Emerald Outfit) on how to do this + a point-hold video.


Using a Galaxy is pretty self-explanatory. It can fit 12 people, it’s the tankiest flying machine available, and your squad can help defend your transport with the guns available on the galaxy.

Here’s a convenient BWAE guide on flying a galaxy from one of my coaches adstellar!