I hope I did at least a semi-ok job explaining the art of point-holding to the masses reading this guide. Pointholding is a hard play-style to get into but when you become an expert at it, it can be the most enjoyable part of the game. Fighting massive over pop, battling tons of maxes, trying to duke it out with your small cohesive force against a large coordinated or uncoordinated mass is all done for the most important part of the game: taking a base and putting your outfit name on it. I live for that when I play Planetside 2 and every time I log onto the game, I want to point-hold. I’m passionate about the playstyle and I feel like it’s necessary as a point-holder or even a point-holder in training to feel passion because as you guys saw. It’s hard to get into and most attempts are generally unsuccessful. In fact, you will fail more times then you will succeed as that is the nature of point-holding all around. You will be challenged almost every single time you do it and the hoard known as the “The Zerg” as people call it or the “Large Outfit” will be after you to protect their lanes if you harass them enough.

As demonstrated here:

Sometimes… wiping is inevitable and it’s part of the game. Your small group of 12 or your small platoon is prone to just getting massacred by a large force more times than not when it’s way too large for you and your folks to handle. However, keep your chin up! Keep pushing as the more you do it the better you get.

And look, I know a lot of these videos I’m posting for yall look organized as all hell cause BWAE has been doing it for a long time and I’ve been squad leading in that madness for a long time but we all start somewhere… So here’s an EXTREMELY EMBARRASSING video from 2015 with me point-holding with my original large outfit and friends. Unorganized, terrible shooting, an extreme amount of roamers outside the point (including me)- basically everything you shouldn’t do in a point-hold but we all start somewhere! (Oh and really annoying music lol!) Luckily, for the folks reading this guide; at least you guys have the head-start that I didn’t get haha.