Alright, now that we’re done discussing callouts; let’s talk about setups inside a building and how they work. First, let’s follow some general rules!

Step 1: Each doorway that needs cover should have at least 2 people per door.

Step 2: If there are more than 6 doors that need to be covered; your strongest player should cover that extra door but most buildings won’t have more entrances than 6-7. If they do; do your best to turtle around the point and don’t spread yourself too thin either.

Step 3: You should set up multiple crossfires for doorways enemies will come from and prep utility setup like shields, mines, and bubble shields before the enemy arrives. In addition; all squad members should be at their assigned door that the squad leader picked or squad member picked and hold it for the duration of the point-hold unless a rotation is needed. Examples here provided by me on what some common building setups look like!