The trick in defeat in detail is getting the enemy to split forces. Then you have to move faster than them to get the local superiority.

Rotating AKA Defeat in detail means sending a lot of people in your local hex (AKA the SQUAD) to use a lot of people in that one doorway to overpower the enemy and then get back to business.

Section E covers rotating which can be a tough topic. Properly rotating generally involves leaving doorways unattended more times than in a squad of 12 and committing an absurd amount of people to deal with a threat. Sometimes commitment to local over pop in a small area is needed to stop a huge push and sometimes this can be an overcommitment which leads to a squad getting wiped because flankers and other enemies take advantage of an unguarded doorway or a weak door covered by fewer people iit should have had. It’s important when rotating to send the appropriate amount of people to deal with a threat.Such as, if you have two players watching a door or lane but are not enough to deal with the threat, you may want to send an extra person or two to assistHere’s an example of extremely poor rotations from my outfit. I recommend starting at the 6 minute mark of this 10-minute video I recorded and watching the poor rotations at this tech plant with my outfit until we’re wiped.

As displayed in the video, my squadmates and I were trying to hold the balcony, the jump pads, and the grinders in this techplant were being overwhelmed at all fronts and our outfit struggled to send the appropriate amount of people to deal with the oncoming threats.. There were instances in the video where I was standing in an area which really didn’t need my help (jumpad X for reference; I wasn’t needed) and places where I should have been earlier like (Grinder X) before I escaped and jump down the staircase knowing that I was going to get blasted by too many players. In that instance where I should have rotated to (Grinder X) earlier; I was too late and my outfit lost the base. Pointholds are fast and always evolving; enemy squad leaders and platoon leaders will always try to find a way to outsmart you and it’s important as a point-holding squad to adapt to their tempo and outplay them in the right moments since every mistake in a point-holding squad will cost you critical time and even allies.

Now, here’s another video from my outfit doing extreme rotations but in a more realistic setting being a squad size dealing with lots of enemy maxes.

As you saw in the short video; we had to rotate frequently between the 2 doors with our 12 people due to constant threats from enemy maxes and extremely aggressive vanu players. In some instances, we over-committed on our rotations and had more people flood in then needed but when maxes came along; it was much easier taking them out with half a dozen players. If we were to have only 2-3 players fighting a max, it would be much more difficult. There are times when rotating works perfectly and other times when it’s just not worth it. It’ll be up to your squad leader and you as players to determine when rotating is the right call. I have been doing this for a long time and can personally tell you that rotating is still a major pain in the ass in my outfit and I try to avoid doing it when necessary since it is always a huge risk every time you do it.