Building a new PlanetSide 2 guide isn’t easy. We need you and the rest of the community’s help to make it easier than ever for new and veteran players alike to get the information they need to learn and improve.

Please message Rapid#7399 or ZachsSanity#7778 on Discord to help contribute!

We’re looking for:
– Coders to help flesh out the site
– Content Publishers to fill the site out with game info
– Graphics Makers to create and collect images
– API and Backend people that can data mine and understand the Planetside API
– A Discord Team of people who can help out handing out roles, creating necessary channels, and moderating
– Content Creators, community members who would like to publicize the site and create video content for it
– Testers to help test the site and Planetside “features”

Special Thanks

This website was inspired by Iridar and his tutorial site that served as the go-to reference site when introducing new players.

This website wouldn’t be possible without community help, from people just like you.

If you’d like to contribute to this project, please don’t hesitate and join us on Discord! Every player has a different background and unique expertise, and we’re in need of all the help we can get. <3

Remember – it’s YOUR Planetside Guide