Planetside has quite an extensive list of chat-box commands. Below are all of the ones we have documented. Have fun!

Note: [true/false], [1/0], [enable/disable] are all interchangeable

Please note this is currently a WIP as of 10/13/2020. Last Edit: 2/25/21


There are 5 tiers of account permissions, with each level having access to the commands of the proceeding tiers.

  • Tier 1 – Live
  • Tier 2 – Elevated *
  • Tier 3 – Observer
    • Tier 3.1 – OW Observer
  • Tier 4 – Admin
  • Tier 5 – Developer

* Often referred to as “Jaeger Permissions”, this permission package is given to all accounts with Jaeger access to eliminate continent queues due to the population imbalances on Jaeger, but this permission package does not give access to Jaeger itself; accounts must be explicitly flagged for Jaeger/Apex server access to make accounts on those servers. This is why not all Creator and Observer Camera accounts have access to Jaeger.

Tier 1 – Live Commands

These commands are available to all players

Featured Commands

/alias [alias]:[command], /alias [alias]:[command]; alias [alias]:[command] – lets you set any alias to any command. (Ex. /alias ob:observer to use /ob)
/fps – Shows your FPS in the bottom left, as well as your limiting factor (GPU or CPU)
/suicide – Immediately kills your player
/sitrep – Gives a continent-wide situation report on your current base, its time to capture or defend, and whether or not you need reinforcements based on the current population balance. (Squad or platoon leaders with at least 2 players)
/fp_fov [value] – Lets you set your FOV to a value for 1 life, or until you enter a vehicle
/enable_scaleform_fonts [on/off] – Lets you turn off/on nameplates, but keep the dorito over their head (default: off)

General Commands

/afk – Sets your in-game status to AFK. Note: You will still get kicked for inactivity
/afk [message] – Automatically responds to tells for you while you are afk
/answeringmachine [message] – Automatically responds to tells for you
/bug – Opens the Bug Report screen
/report, /reportplayer – Opens the Report Player screen
/profanity [on/off] – Turn on/off the profanity filter

Social Commands

All of these commands can be truncated. Ex. /com for /command or /wh for /whisper. Commands will have their smallest and longest names. Any command alias that is not within those bounds will not work.

/r, /reply [message]- respond to the most recent direct message
/t, /tell, /w, /whisper [playerName] [message] – send a direct message to an online player
/m, /mentor, /n, /newplayer – Send a message in the Newbie chat channel
/sa, /say – Send a message in the Proximity chat channel
/y, /yell – Send a message in the Yell chat channel
/re, /regionsay – Send a message in the Region chat channel
/f, /fireteamsay, /ft, /ftsay – Send a message in the Fireteam chat channel
/s, /squadsay, /ssay, /ss, /g, /groupsay – Send a message in the Squad chat channel (excludes /squad command)
/p, /platoonsay, /psay, /ps, /raidsay – Send a message in the Platoon chat channel (excludes the /platoon command)
/c, /command, /l, /leadersay – Send a message in the Leader chat channel
/o, /osay, /guildsay, /outfitsay – Send a message in the Outfit chat channel

/leavechannel [squad/platoon/fireteam/leader/proximity/outfit/yell/region/mentor/social] –
/joinchannel [squad/platoon/fireteam/leader/proximity/outfit/yell/region/mentor/social] –
/leavechannel options, /joinchannel options – Lists what chat channels you have enabled or disabled

/friend, /friends [online/add/remove] [playerName] – display all online friends, or add or remove friends
/besties [playerName] – adds a player (same functionality as /friend add [playerName])
/ignore add [playerName]- adds the named player to your ignore list
/ignore remove [playerName] – Removes the named player from your ignore list
/ignore requests [refuse/accept] – refuse/accept all incoming friend/squad/outfit requests
/ignore request [friend/squad/outfit] [refuse/accept] – refuse/accept individual requests
/ignore [whisper/tell] [refuse/accept] – Refuse/accept incoming tell messages

Squad Commands

/squad create – Create a squad
/squad invite [playerName] –
/squad accept
/squad reject
/squad kick [playerName] – Remove playerName from your squad
/squad leave – Leave your current squad
/squad disband – Removes all players from the squad
/squad autoowneron
/squad autoowneroff
/squad autofriendson
/squad autofriendsoff
/squad autoguildon
/squad autoguildoff
/squad groupautoon
/squad groupautooff
/squad lfmon
/squad lfmoff
/squad lfmoptions [description] [air=1/0] [ground=1/0] [infantry=1/0] [guildOnly=1/0] [friendsOnly=1/0] [showGuildTag=1/0] –
/squad lfmsearch [air=1/0] [ground=1/0] [infantry=1/0] [guildOnly=1/0] [friendsOnly=1/0] [showGuildTag=1/0] –
/squad getgroupinfo [groupID] –
/squad autogroup
/squad setowner [playerName] –
/squad promoteme
/squad show
/squad showinvite
/squad ban [playerName] –
/squad unban [playerName] –
/squad clearbans

Platoon Commands

/platoon invitemember [squadID] [playerName] –
/platoon invitesquad [squadOwnerPlayername] –
/platoon accept
/platoon reject
/platoon kickmember [playerName] –
/platoon kicksquad [squadOwnerPlayername] –
/platoon leave
/platoon disband
/platoon setplatoonowner [playerName] –
/platoon setsquadowner [squadID] [playerName] –
/platoon setmembersquad [squadID] [playerName] –
/platoon show
/platoon showinvite
/platoon swap [playerName] [playerName] –

Outfit Commands

These still need testing to see if usage is public
/guild is an alias of /outfit

/outfit petition [outfitName] –
/outfit accept [invite, petition] [invitationKey] –
/outfit decline [invite, petition] [invitationKey]
/outfit revoke [invite, petition] [invitationKey]
/outfit [promote/demote] [outfitName/key] [rankname] [reason] [target] – The Rankname is Case Sensitive (Leader, Member ect.)
/outfit motd [outfitName/key] [message] – Sets the outfit’s message of the day to message
/outfit kick [outfitName/key] [target] –
/outfit [leave/quit] – Leaves your current outfit
/outfit recruitlist [count] [row] [classification] [specialization] [minMemberCount] [maxMemberCount] [nameFilter] – sends the list of outfits that are recruiting to this client.
/outfit setrecruiting [1/0] – sets your outfit to be visible in the recruiting list.
/outfit cleartags – strips all of the tags set on your guild.
/outfit setpublic [1/0] – sets outfit to auto-accept any applicants.
/outfit setminrecruitlevel [value]- players may only attempt to apply to this guild if their battle rank is over this value.
/outfit classification [classification] –
/outfit specialization [specialization] –
/outfit setdecal [decalItemId]- sets the guilds decal item id.
/outfit selecttint [1/0] [loadoutType] [itemId] – forces guild tint selection code.

Voice Commands

/voice createconnector – Creates a connector to the default PSNext Vivox server.
/voice shutdownconnector – Disconnects from the Vivox server.
/voice login [name] [password] – Logs a user into the Vivox server – must be connected already.
/voice logout – Logs the user out of the Vivox server.
/voice joinchannel – Joins a channel (Currently the echo channel)
/voice leavechannel [URI] – Leaves a channel
/voice setmicrophonemute [true/false] – Mutes or unmutes voice transmission.
/voice settransmissionchannel [index] – Sets the channel for voice transmission.
/voice debug – Prints debug info
/voice join [name] [password] – Creates a custom channel
/voice diagnostics – Prints out diagnostic info
/voice fix – Similar to diagnostics, but tries to automatically fix anything that’s wrong
/voice devices – Refresh Vivox Device List

Tier 2 – Elevated Commands

/zrange far [value] – Lets you set your render range to a value for 1 life, or until you enter a vehicle
/flora [on/off] – Lets you turn flora on and off (default: based on your useroptions.ini file)
/fog [on/off] – Lets you turn fog on or off until logout (default: on)
/shadows [on/off/auto/low/medium/high/ultra/max] – Lets you change your shadows in-game (default: based on your useroptions.ini file)
/foregroundzoom [value] – Lets you change the distance your gun appears on your UI

Tier 3 – Observer Commands

General Commands

/observer – Puts a player into an observer cam (vehicle)

Tier 3.1 – OW Observer

In order to cast Outfit Wars, a new set of Observer Cam accounts had to be created with a higher level of permissions, in order to gain the /zone commands, without giving access to the Tier 4 – Admin Commands package

/ow observematch [value] – This command is a wrapper for the /zone commands. Lets you warp to an instance of Desolation, where the value is the rank of the match starting from zero (e.g., row 1 in the schedule = 0, row 2 = 1, etc.)


If an OW Observer was to join on a non-NSO character on Desolation, they take up a slot

The OW Observer’s NSO characters aren’t assigned to a faction on Desolation, even if they were on a continent prior, as whenever you change zones your faction ID is updated

I didn’t have a place to put this info, so I decided to toss it here. You’re welcome 🙂

/zone – Warps you to another zone (Such as another Continent)

  • Default zone-in location in the current zone – Zone 0
  • Indar – Zone 2
  • Hossin – Zone 4
  • Amerish – Zone 6
  • Esamir – Zone 8
  • VR Training (NC) – Zone 96
  • VR Training (TR) – Zone 97
  • VR Training (VS) – Zone 98

Other Zones are instance-based, and differ per server. Here are the Zone ID’s for Jaeger:

  • Sanctuary – Zone 131434
  • Koltyr – Zone 131086

Tier 4 – Admin Commands

These commands are only available to players who have been given limited-admin access by the Planetside Developers. Only for use on the private Jaeger server.

/loc, /location [value-x value-y value-z] – Gives your location information. Adding parameters teleports you to that specific location (even if you are inside of a vehicle; will teleport your vehicle with you)
/disablevictoryconditions – Prevents a continent from locking


/warp is an alias for /goto

/goto [name/guid] – Warps you to this player. Accepts partial strings. Admin Target Compatible.
/goto player, /goto npc [name/guid]- Same /goto, however, this one is explicit, just in case you want to /goto a player named waypoint or way.
/goto way, /goto waypoint [name/guid] – Warps to your waypoint. If a target is supplied then warp to that player’s waypoint. Admin Target Compatible.


Changes ZONE SERVER time

/zonetime hour [value] – Sets the current hour
/zonetime pause – Toggles time on/off
/zonetime sync – Resyncs the server time
/zonetime warp [value] – Game seconds per real second


1= VS, 2 = NC, 3= TR, 4 = NS

/facility get – Returns the ID of the player’s current facility.
/facility setfaction [factionID] [facilityID] [guildKey] – Changes the faction of the specified facility to [factionID]. Defaults to the current facility. For [factionID] you may instead use “VS”, “NC” or “TR”.
/facility setpopulation [factionID] [population] [facilityID] – Artificially set the faction’s population in the facility to the given value.
/facility capture [facilityID] – Captures the facility for the local player’s faction. If the facility ID is not provided the player’s current facility is used.
/facility goto [facilityID/facilityName/facilityDesignerName] – Teleports the user to the position of the specified facility.
/facility setall [factionID] [zoneID] – Sets all the facilities in the specified zone to the specified faction
/facility listall [filterString] – Lists all the facilities in the current zone, if a filter is provided, then this only lists facilities with the filter in their name
/facility listnpcs [facilityID] [filterString] – Lists all the npcs owned by a facility, if a string filter is provided then this command only returns npcs with the filter string in their name.
/facility priority list – Display a list of the five facilities with the highest priority score for the player’s faction.
/facility priority [facilityID] – Display the calculated priority score for the given facility (uses the current facility if no ID is provided).
/facility reset [facilityID] [total]- Reset the facility’s capture state (if 1 passed in for the second parameter, all spawns will be reset as well)
/facility resetmap [zoneID] – Resets all facilities in the specified zone to their default factions (if zone ID is not specified, the player’s current zone will be reset).
/facility save – Triggers an immediate save of the current zone’s facilities
/facility clearsave – Forces the zone’s facility record to be deleted
/facility dbstatus – Queries the current status of the facility database wrapper
/facility speedcap [percent] [facilityID] [persistent] – Sets facility capture speed to a certain percent of its default value. The facility ID defaults to the current facility. The “persistent” flag <1|0> determines whether or not the multiplier is automatically disabled after the cap (default: off).
/facility speedcapall [percent] [persistent] – Sets ALL facility capture speeds in the current zone to a certain percent of its default value. The “persistent” flag <1|0> determines whether or not the multiplier is automatically disabled after the cap (default: off).
/facility proximityspeed [percent] [facilityID] [persistent] – Sets console capture speed to a certain percent of its default value. The facility ID defaults to the current facility. The “persistent” flag <1|0> determines whether or not the multiplier is automatically disabled after the cap (default: off).
/facility proximityspeedall [percent] [persistent] – Sets ALL facility console capture speeds in the current zone to a certain percent of its default value. The “persistent” flag <1|0> determines whether or not the multiplier is automatically disabled after the cap (default: off).
/facility resource [facilityID] – Returns the current resource levels of the given facility (the current facility is used if no facility ID is provided).


/vehicle list – Shows a list of all the currently defined vehicles
/vehicle {[faction Id]} {-d} {-l [locX] [locY] [locZ] [heading]} {-m} {-r [resource type] [value]} – Summon the given vehicle where the player is looking
-d – Deploy the vehicle (only when possible)
-l – Provide a specific location to spawn the vehicle
-m – Auto-mount the vehicle
-r – Set the vehicle’s starting resource level (‘max’ can also be used for the value)

Tier 5 – Developer Commands

These commands are one not available to any player, and can only be used by the game developers

Management Commands

Outfit Commands

All outfit names must be surrounded in ‘, Ex: ‘The Trapper Keepers’.
{target} can be a CharacterGuid or player name; if none is specified, the current admin target will be used.

/outfit create [outfitName] {target} –
/outfit disband [outfitKey] –
/outfit rename [outfit name/key] {target} –
/outfit invite {target} – invites {target} to your current outfit
/outfit craft [itemID]- start crafting the specified game asset
/outfit getcraftstatus [itemID] – get the asset craft progress
/outfit boostcraft [itemID] – accelerate game asset crafting
/outfit cancelcraft [itemID] – cancel crafting the specified game asset
/outfit deconstruct [itemID] – deconstruct the specified game asset
/outfit use [itemID] – use the specified game asset


/item add [targetGuid] (works with Admin Target)
/item add all [targetGuid] (works with Admin Target) – This Command will unlock all weapons for a player. The item must still be accepted by the players loadout to equip it.
/item add contentpack [itemType] – adds all items from a content pack. (works with Admin Target.)
/item addScPurchase [targetGuid] (works with Admin Target)
/item addCurrencyPurchase [itemDefinitionID] [quantity] [currencyID] [currencyAmount] [targetGuid] (works with Admin Target)
/item addrange [targetGuid] (works with Admin Target)
/item check [targetGuid] (works with Admin Target)
/item delete [targetGuid] (works with Admin Target)
/item deleteId [targetGuid] (works with Admin Target)
/item deleteAll (self only)
/item drop [quantity] (self only)
/item dropid [quantity] (self only)
/item list [targetGuid] (works with Admin Target)
/item resetcooldowns [targetGuid] (works with Admin Target)
/item testrange (self only)

Slap 🙂

/hit is an alias for /slap

/slap player [targetName/guid] – (Also works with Admin Target)
/slap player [damage] [force] [targetName/guid] – (Also works with Admin Target)
/slap away [targetName/guid] – (Also works with Admin Target)
/slap away [damage] [force] [targetName/guid] – (Also works with Admin Target)
/slap vehicle [targetGuid] – (Only works with Admin Target)
/slap vehicle [damage] [force] [targetGuid] – (Only works with Admin Target)

Other Commands

Info Commands

/loglevel [local, console, file] [level] – Set the level of error logging. Valid levels are 0 = no logging to 6 = all logging. (default: LocalLogLevel: 0, FileLogLevel: 4, ConsoleLogLevel: 0)
/loc, /location – Tells you your current location in X, Y, Z, and direction
/run – Tells your current run speed. Returns run speed is 4.00 meters/sec or run speed is 2.00 meters/sec if affected by a concussion grenade. Does not include speed modified by excessive jumping
/zrange near [value] – Always returns near clip is: 0.200 . Adding any parameter does not change the return
/simulate_cpu_wait [value] – DO NOT USE allows you to create a CPU bottleneck

Depreciated/Broken Commands

/toggleamp – Always returns Scaleform Amp Server Disabled
/abtest – Cycles between ABTEST is now: A and ABTEST is now: B

Unknown Usage Commands

/allaccess – returns You have no current or future All Access offers to be claimed.
/telemetry enable [<seconds to record>=30] – various values gave no effect
/telemetry disable – no effect
/telemetry server [<name or ip address>] – no values for name or ip address to test

Removed Commands

This lists commands that have been removed, or have had their required permissions set to Developer

/who – Listed the names of every player of your faction that were in the same region
/order, /orders – Replaced with /sitrep
/oomreport [1/0] [filename] [reserveSize] – Printed an out-of-memory report when out of memory (default: outofmemory.txt, 10MB)
/platoon promoteme – Request platoon leadership from the platoon leader. Was removed due to abuse by players in order to take platoons hostage

No return commands