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What are implants?

Implants are a part of infantry loadout, much like a suit slot or a weapon. They provide passive bonuses and abilities to improve player’s utility and convenience. 

You can equip two different implants at the same time. Equipped implants are displayed at the bottom of the screen. 

Some of the implants do not work for MAXes or when piloting vehicles. Some implants can only be equipped by certain classes. Check implants’ in-game descriptions for specifics.

Implant Rarity

There are Common > Uncommon > Class-specific > Rare >  Exceptional implants. Implant’s rarity determines how difficult it is to obtain, and how specific its effects are.

Note that Class-specific specifically relates to implant’s rarity. An implant doesn’t have to be in the Class-specific group to be usable only by one specific class.


ISO-4 is a special currency, related to implants. It is spent on upgrading owned implants, crafting one specific implant or recycled into a random implant. There are two ways to obtain ISO-4:

  1. Participating in a Meltdown Alert grants up to 300 ISO-4.
  2. Breaking down duplicate implants on the Nano-Cycler screen.
    • Breaking down any Rank 1 implant provides 25 ISO-4. 
    • Breaking down an  Exceptional  implant provides 500 ISO-4.

In general, ISO-4 is hard to obtain and easy to waste, so it’s important to spend it very carefully.

You can have up to 100 000 ISO-4 at the same time.

Implant Upgrade Ranks

Non-exceptional implants start at Rank 1, and can be upgraded up to Rank 5 with ISO-4. Implants of higher ranks provide stronger bonuses, and the final rank often has an additional effect. Players can upgrade implants on the Nano Cycler tab of the main menu.

 Exceptional  implants have only one rank and cannot be upgraded.

Upgrade Cost

Upgrade costISO-4
Rank 1 -> Rank 275
Rank 2 -> Rank 3225
Rank 3 -> Rank 4900
Rank 4 -> Rank 52475

Fully upgrading even one implant is expensive. You are not expected to unlock and fully upgrade every implant, or use only implants of maximum rank. You will have to be very picky about what you want to upgrade. 

How to get implants?

Safeguard 1 and Target Focus 1 are granted for free. There are several ways to obtain more implants.

Event Rewards

Participating in Continental Events will grant you one or several random implants. It is currently unclear if you can receive an  Exceptional Implant this way.

You can also receive several random implants as a loot reward for winning a Meltdown Alert.


Implant Craft Cost
Common500 ISO-4
Uncommon850 ISO-4
Class-specific1750 ISO-4
Rare3500 ISO-4

Players can spend ISO-4 to craft a specific non- Exceptional implant that they don’t own yet. Craft cost depends on implant rarity. 

Implant Packs

Implant Packs are “chests” that contain several random implants. Each implant drop from a pack is completely random, you can get several identical implants from one pack, and you can get duplicates of the implants that you already own. 

The only exceptions are Target Focus and Safeguard – those do not drop from Implant Packs, because every player already has them by default. 

You don’t have to manually open Implant Packs – once obtained, they will open automatically.

There are several ways you can get Implant Packs:


Completing the first tier of Class Directives for the Infiltrator, Light Assault, Combat Medic, Engineer or Heavy Assault grants a Novice Implant Pack, which contains two random non-exceptional implants.

Additionally, completing the first tier of Objectives and second tier of Leadership directives grants a Basic Implant Pack, which contains 3 random implants. 

Getting a few of these implant packs from directives is a good way for new characters to get started with the implant system.

In-game Store

A common way to get new implants is to buy Implant Packs from in-game store.

Basic Implant Bundle
Certification Points
Daybreak Cash

Basic Implant Pack

or 199 Contains 3 random implants.

Deluxe Icon Bundle
Certification Points
Daybreak Cash

Deluxe Implant Pack

or 500 Contains 9 random implants. 

Purchasing Deluxe Implant Packs is ~20% more cert-efficient.

Recycling ISO-4

Daybreak Cash

ISO-4 Recycler
500  or 249 

Purchasing one ISO-4 Recycler grants one random implant. Common Implants do not drop from Recyclers, and there is a higher chance to get an uncommon or exceptional implant than from normal packs. 

The Recycler can be useful for players who don’t want to spend ISO-4 on upgrading any of the owned implants, and wish to trade it for a chance at getting an implant they don’t have yet. To be clear, you can still get a duplicate with the Recycler. 

Recycler also provides a way to purchase one random implant with DBC. 

Chances of getting an implant from one ISO-4 Recycler:

  • Uncommon: ~62%
  • Class-specific: ~17%
  • Rare: ~10%
  •  Exceptional : ~11%

ISO-4 Value:

  • 25 ISO-4 if the implant is Rank 1 duplicate.
  • 79 ISO-4 on average, including duplicates of exceptional implants.

Implant Pack Drop Rates

Here are Implant Drop Rates according to testing on PTS by RegulusMagnus:

Each implant in a Deluxe Implant Pack has a chance to be:

  •  Exceptional : ~0.68% (hello, Lineage 2)
  • Rare: ~1.54%
  • Class-specific: ~3.0%
  • Uncommon: ~26.6%
  • Common: ~68.2%

Chances that a Deluxe Implant Pack contains at least one implant:

  • Common: ~100%
  • Uncommon: ~93.8%
  • Class-specific: ~23.7%
  • Rare: ~13%
  •  Exceptional : ~5.9%

How this probability is calculated

ISO-4 Value:

  • 225 ISO-4 if all 9 implants are Rank 1 duplicates.
  • 254 ISO-4 on average, including duplicates of exceptional implants.

Spending Daybreak Cash

Based on this reddit post by /u/DrSwov.

In terms of Daybreak Cash, one Deluxe Pack costs the same as two Recyclers.

 Chances of getting at least one implant from:
 Deluxe Pack2x Recyclers
 Exceptional ~5.9%~21.5%

() If your goal is to buy ISO-4 with Daybreak Cash:

  • In worst case scenario, when you get only Rank 1 duplicates, Deluxe Packs offer 450% better value than Recyclers.
  • If we take duplicates of  exceptional  implants into account, Deluxe Packs still offer 60% higher ISO-4 value.

() If you’re hunting for a certain class-specific, rare or  exceptional  implant, then Recyclers give you better chances.

Premium Membership provides a 10% discount to all DBC purchases, including Recyclers and Implant Packs. It’s worth to get membership if you intend to spend more than 10 000 DBC. Keep in mind that membership itself provides a ton of other useful perks. Don’t forget that you can buy 10 000 DBC for $85.

Here are your chances of getting a specific implant with 10 000 DBC (assuming no membership discount).

20 x Deluxe Packs9.7%32.7%44.7%99.2%5 081
40 x Recyclers31.7%43.7%53.5%92.1%3165

Purchasing Recyclers over Deluxe Packs provides a significantly higher chance of getting the implant you want, especially an exceptional one. However, you get much less ISO-4 per DBC spent.


My Toolbox will calculate all of the implant-related statistics mentioned so far.

Implants in VR Training

You can equip and test all implants in VR Training. Implants in VR will have the highest rank possible. However, VR enemy dummies do not count as players, and most “on kill” mechanics will not trigger off them. E.g. Nightmare implant will not cloak you.