These implants are hard to get and they can only be equipped by specific classes, and provide a bonus to strengthen that class’ main playstyle.

Aerial Combatant

Light Assault

Aerial Combatant Implant

Killing an enemy will restore 12% / 15% / 20% / 30% of Jet Pack energy.

Rank 5 provides additional 30% for destroying a vehicle. 

  • Killing enemy “units” such as deployables doesn’t trigger this implant anymore.


Light Assault

Whenever you receive damage, 3% / 4% / 5.5% / 8% of your jump jet fuel is restored.  Rank 5: Additionally, reloading your Rocklet Rifle will reduce fall damage for 6 seconds.


Combat Surgeon

Combat Medic

Combat Surgeon Implant

Killing an enemy or reviving an ally restores 15% / 18% / 23% / 30% energy for your Nano Regen Device.

Rank 5 also increases your resistance to small arms damage by 25% for 3.5 seconds after reviving. 

  • Bullet resistance doesn’t stack with Nanoweave, highest resistance is used.
  • Bullet resistance procs when reviving with a Revive Grenade.
  • Ally has to specifically accept the revive in order for bullet resistance to proc.

Mending Field

Combat Medic

Allies who are below 100 / 150 / 225 / 300 health passively heal for 15 health per second while you are within 7 meters. Rank 5: your deployed Shield Recharging Fields now also carry this effect.

Seems very weak even at maximum rank. Consider that it takes 20 seconds (!) for this implant to restore 300 health. Ain’t nobody got time for dat.

If you’re doing Combat Medic directives, and you have some spare ISO, you could use this implant to farm a few Healing Ribbons alongside Shield Ribbons, but it seems too weak for actual combat effective applications.

Deep Operative


Whenever you spend longer than a total of 30 / 26 / 20 / 12 seconds uncloaked without taking damage, your cloak’s visibility will be reduced by 75%. Dying or taking damage from enemy sources will reset the countdown. Rank 5: killing an enemy will reduce the countdown by 3 seconds.

This implant requires to be upgraded to at least Rank 4 before it becomes truly useful, and overall it remains to be seen how useful it is. To test.

Nanomesh Specialist

Heavy Assault

Nanomesh Specialist Implant

Reduces passive energy drain from active overshield by 50% / 55% / 65% / 80% while remaining stationary and by 25% / 28% / 33% / 40% while moving.  Rank 5: also removes the 3 second delay before a fully depleted overshield begins recharging. 

Overshield energy drain is fairly mild by default, which makes this implant not very desirable. One exception is that if you activate the overshield before hopping onto a Flash, the overshield will remain active, increasing player’s survavibility while using a combat Turbo Flash. A highly, highly niche use. To test.

Mobility Mesh

Heavy Assault

Reduces the movement speed penalty while your overshield is active by 15% / 17% / 20% / 25%. Rank 5: Additionally, while your overshield is active, your base sprint speed is increased by 10%.

The wording of this implant makes it unclear whether it fully compensates the 25% movement speed penalty applied by overshields, or whether it removes only a quarter of it. Latter is more likely. 

According to my calculations, Rank 5 of this implant allows to sprint with overshields as fast as normal forward walking speed without Overshields and without the implant. To test.

This implant is especially useful to Resist Shield users, since they need to have overshields active while taking damage.

Robotics Technician


Robotics Technician Implant

Your non-mine deployables within 15m of you receive 10% / 13% / 18% / 25% damage resistance. Engineer using the turret also receives damage reduction.

  • This damage reduction multiplicateively stacks with Nanoweave Armor.
  • Damage reduction is applied to explosives.
  • Full Nanoweave + Robotics Technician 4 or 5 = 60% of damage taken from bullets.

Rank 5 special ability: affected deployables will also automatically repair themselves for 25 health per second.

  • Affected deployables and engineer manning a turret will have a bright visible effect over them. 
  • Doesn’t seem to affect Spawn Beacon.



When your shield breaks, it releases a pulse of repairing nanites that heal allied mechanical objects within 10m for 250 / 263 / 275 / 300 health over 4 seconds. Rank 5: also de-spawns enemy deployables within range of the pulse.

  • A fully upgraded Repair Tool would take ~1.8 seconds to repair 300 health.
  • Affects allied MAXes.
  • It is currently unclear whether this implant affects vehicles. To test.

Overall, seems completely useless outside of specifically being a MAXes’ repairbot.

Detonating enemy deployables is not always desirable, and could even lead to killing yourself or your allies standing near enemy Tank Mines.