These implants are even rarer than uncommon implants and offer unique, but situational bonuses.


Nightmare Implant

Killing an enemy with a wielded melee attack will special cloak you for 1 sec / 1.2 sec / 1.5 sec / 2 sec. Rank 5 also provides the special cloak when you kill an enemy within 5m of you with any weapon.

Special cloak does:

  • Allow you to use your weapons and equipment. You can keep shooting while cloaked.
  • Proc off ranged Amaterasu kills, even outside 5m. 
  • Trigger off quick melee attacks, but only at Rank 5.

Special cloak does not:

  • Proc off mine kills, even within 5m.
  • Remove “spotted” condition. Even while cloaked, you will have your name and a dorito above your head.
  • Hide muzzle flash or jet pack flames.
  • Hide Heavy Assault’s overshield effect.
  • Nightmare’s cloak isn’t affected by NAC‘s damage resistance.

At early ranks this implant is incredibly powerful for anyone who can take advantage of wielded melee attacks, with the most obvious example being Stalker Infiltrators. 

Maximum rank of this implant makes flanking attacks especially fearsome. Going on cloaked killing sprees is not very likely, but Nightmare can give you a second of breathing room to safely escape after an ambush.

When using this implant as an Infiltrator, and manually hitting cloak after a Nightmare proc will just recloak you, so everything works fine in that regard. 

While this implant sounds incredibly powerful on paper, it’s worth noting that even maxed out it doesn’t do anything for you until you kill an enemy within 5m, which is hard to do consistently for most classes. Even someone like shotgun Light Assault cannot guarantee to kill most of his targets within 5m.



Getting roadkills while in the pilot’s seat of a Flash or Harasser will restore 25% / 28% / 33% / 40% turbo fuel. At Rank 5 implant’s effects are applied to Liberator and ESF.

No roadkill pls.



Killing an enemy from 150/125/100/50m away will remove the “spotted” condition from yourself, as well as concealing you from spot attempts for one more second afterwards. This effect does not trigger while in a vehicle.

Rank 5 bonus: dealing damage to an enemy will automatically spot them. 

  • Any damage source will count, including mines and “non-lethal” grenades that still deal tiny amount of damage, such as Flash and EMP.

This implant is most useful for Light Assaults using a stealthy flanking playstyle.

It is a common situation where you get spotted by an enemy, and you react to his voice and kill him, but then get hunted down by other enemies. Assassin helps to remedy that specific situation, and in general helps to keep you off the map. 

Combination with Sensor Shield 4+ and Suppressed weapon is highly recommended to further keep yourself from the minimap. Assassin 5 bonus helps to track enemies without giving away your position and faction with spotting voice. 

Assassin is still probably less useful than Counter-Intelligence, as it gives you more control, unless you really value Assassin 5 bonus.

Assassin is practically useless for Infiltrators, as they already can remove “spotted” condition from themselves simply by cloaking.

Covert Drop

Taking fall damage will cloak you for 1 / 1.25 / 1.75 / 2.5 second. Firing a weapon will reveal you. Rank 5: bailing from an ejection seat aircraft will cloak you for 6 seconds upon hitting the ground.

  • It is assumed that Rank 5 benefit will trigger when jumping out of Galaxies and Valkyries. To test. 
  • It is currently unclear whether there is any decloaking delay before you can fire. To test.

This implant seems fairly useless until Rank 5, and even then, it would be more useful if it would cloak you when jumping out, and not when hitting the ground.


When your shield is broken, you gain 10% / 12% / 15% / 20% of your maximum ability energy. This action can only occur once every 20 seconds. Rank 5: whenever Failsafe is on cooldown, receiving melee damage will shock the attacker for 150 non-lethal damage.

Could be useful for Heavy Assaults using NMG or Adrenaline Shield, especially in combination with Assimilate. 

Rank 5 benefit is completely pointless since most popular melee weapons kill in one hit.


Interacting with a control point will increase your maximum shield capacity by 100 / 120 / 150 / 200 points for 15 seconds. 15 second cooldown on interaction. Rank 5: for the duration of the buff, you regenerate 13.33 shields per second.

  • The default key for interacting is [E].
  • It is assumed that you don’t have to own the Control Point in order to interact with it.
  • To test: how long does it have to interact. 

Obviously, this is a great implant for fighting near Capture Points, and it should prove especially popular for coordinated squads doing point holds, as they often use Galaxy drops to bypass the rest of the fight.


Passively receive 20% small arms resistance. This does not stack with Nanoweave Armor. Any time you are alive for longer than 20 / 22 / 25 / 30 seconds without taking small arms damage, the symbiote will gnaw at your health pool. Rank 5: killing an enemy player resets the timer as well.

  • To test: just how much damage Symbiote deals.
  • Damage from the Symbiote will not kill you, but you can be reduced to 1 HP.

This implant is basically a conditional Nanoweave replacer, though it’s important to note that Nanoweave above Rank 1 also provides resistance to other damage types, unlike Symbiote.