There are a variety of settings to customize your PlanetSide experience.

In This Guide:

Nvidia Settings

For the NVIDIA Control Panel section There is resolution you should be using The refresh rate should be as high […]

Tuning your UserOptions.ini

How to get there Sample .ini How to set your file to Read Only


Important Keybindings These lists are purposefully ordered in order of importance General Infantry Quick Knife Utility Slot Auto-run Vehicle Aircraft […]

Window’s Settings

Mouse Settings Go to Windows Control Panel -> Mouse, and set mouse sensitivity to the sixth notch. This means that […]

Changing the Game Font

This is allowed per [RPG] Andy Sites Go to the “…\PlanetSide 2\UI\Resource\Fonts” folder. Copy a font that you would like to […]

Settings Analysis

This is cross-posted at Both versions will stay up-to-date. If you want to go straight to some good setups, […]