PlanetSide Guide is built on WordPress and uses the Gutenberg editor. In addition to the default Gutenberg blocks, we have a variety of custom blocks available to structure content.

Page Alert

Page alert includes three variants: Under Construction, Quality Article, and Outdated Article.

Quality Article

This page’s content has been deemed high quality. High quality articles are sourced by multiple, established community members and approved by PSG staff.

List Collapse

A collapsible list useful for storing large amounts of content.

List Collapse

There could be content, including images here.

Another example item. There can be infinite items.

Person Block

A block used for biographical information about content creators.

ATP ZachsSanity Emerald

Zach made this block and is the coding team lead on PlanetSide Guide.

Tab Strip

A block used for a variety of related content. It is not recommend you exceed four tabs.

Tab 1 content

Tab 2 content

Post Preview

A block used to display previews on any post or page on the website. They are titled under a user defined title.

Post Preview Title

Help Out

Volunteer Building a new PlanetSide 2 guide isn’t easy. We need you and the rest of the community’s help to […]


A block with an parallax scrolling image and content. It can also include a link.

Parallax Title

A really cool aerial battle taking place.


Single Icon

A block used to display content with an icon and padding that separates it from the page’s content flow.

Title of Content Area Icon
Title of Content Area

Content area