Bastion Fleet Carrier

The Bastion is a massive 100,000 hp flying behemoth. Hardpoints The bastion has a total of 12 locations where it […]

Updated on November 1, 2020

Empire Specific Fighter

The Terran Republic has the Mosquito The New Conglomerate has the Reaver The Vanu Sovereignty has the Scythe These are […]

Updated on November 28, 2022


Utility The Flash has access to 6 different activatable* utilities: Fire Suppression SystemGate Shield DiffuserNFI-2000 TurboScout RadarSmoke ScreenWraith Cloaking Device […]

Updated on March 20, 2020


The harasser is a three-seat buggy and the fastest ground vehicle in Planetside 2. It is often used as a […]

Updated on March 19, 2020


The Prowler is the Terran Republic’s MBT. It is not a siege tank despite what its abilities may suggest, but […]

Updated on February 19, 2021


The Valkyrie is an All Faction Light transport aircraft commonly used as a smaller more maneuverable substitute for a Galaxy. […]

Updated on March 31, 2020