The ESF has access to 4 different utilities, two of which are activatable (Decoy Flares and Fire Suppression System)*

Decoy Flares
Ejection system
Fire Suppression System <— Recommended
Scout Radar

*The default ability keybinding is [F]

Activate to disrupt lock-on attempts and missiles tracking the vehicle for 8 seconds. Can be activated once every 35/30/27/25 seconds.

100/200/500/1000 Certs

Occupants exiting the vehicle will no longer take fall damage or inherit their vehicle’s momentum.

500 Certs

Activate to repair 25% (750 health) of the vehicle’s health over 5 seconds (150 health per second). If the vehicle is on fire when activated, it will also immediately extinguish the flames. Can be activated once every 60/55/50/45 seconds.

30/100/200/500 Certs

Scout Radar detects the movement of hostiles at a range of 50/100/150/200 meters from your vehicle every half second for you and all nearby allies.

Note: The vehicle must be occupied for scout radar to function.

50/100/200/500 Certs


The ESF has access to 3 different passive defense slot abilities:

Composite Armor
Nanite Auto Repair System
Vehicle Stealth <— Recommended

Increase the vehicle’s total health pool (3000 health) by 7%/8%/9%/10% (3210/3240/3270/3300 health).

Note: Vehicles with Composite Armor receive the same amount of health per second from fixed amount repair sources such as the Nano-Armor Kit or Nanite Proximity Repair System, however will receive an increased amount of health from percentage-based repair sources such as Aircraft Synergy, though with a noted exception to the Fire Suppression System which does not enjoy any benefits.

100/200/500/1000 Certs

Nanites constantly repair damage over time at a rate of 5%/5.83%/6.67%/7.5%/8.33% every 5 seconds. Damage disables auto repair for 12 seconds.

50/100/150/200/500 Certs

Increases the time required for seeking weapons to establish a lock by 0.25/0.5/0.75/1 seconds, reduces the mini-map auto-detect range of the vehicle (500 meters) to 174/116/58/0 meters, and reduces detection from enemy Engagement Radars by 100/200/300/400 meters.

30/100/200/1000 Certs


The ESF has access to 3 different passive performance airframes:

Dogfighting Airframe
Hover Stability Airframe <— Recommended
Racer High Speed Airframe

Improved turn, roll and agility.

100/200/400 Certs

Improved hover, air brake and vertical thrust.

100/200/400 Certs

Improved cruising and afterburner speed.

100/200/400 Certs

Passive Systems

The ESF has access to 1 passive “passive system”:

Engagement Radar

Causes the HUD to highlight and track hostile aircraft at a range of 600 meters.