The Flash has access to 6 different activatable* utilities:

Fire Suppression System
Gate Shield Diffuser
NFI-2000 Turbo
Scout Radar
Smoke Screen
Wraith Cloaking Device

*The default ability keybinding is F

Activate to repair 15% of the vehicle health over 5 seconds. If the vehicle is on fire when activated, it will also immediately extinguish the flames. Can be activated once every 30/25/22/20 seconds.

30/100/200/500 Certs

When activated, the vehicle is encased in a coating that allows it to slip through enemy gate shields and avoid damage caused by collisions with other vehicles. Lasts up to 15 seconds. Can be activated once every 55/50/47/45 seconds.

100/200/400/500 Certs

Increases turbo fuel regeneration rate. An empty fuel tank will refill completely in 27.5/25/22.5/20/15 seconds.

150/200/400/500/1000 Certs

Scout Radar detects the movement of hostiles at a range of 40/60/80/100 meters.

50/100/200/500 Certs

Creates a smoke screen around the vehicle which prevents you and nearby allied vehicles from automatically showing on minimap radar, and prevents lock-on attempts for 8 seconds. Can be used once every 40/35/32/30 seconds.

50/100/200/500 Certs

Can only be activated if the driver is an Infiltrator. Activate to cloak the Flash. Cloaking the Flash makes it and the riders nearly invisible but disables firing Lasts up to 20/25/30/35/40 seconds.

150/200/400/500/1000 Certs


The Flash has access to 4 different passive defense slot abilities:

Nanite Auto Repair System
Composite Armor
Mine Guard
Vehicle Stealth

Increase the vehicle’s total health pool by 23%/27%/28%/30%.

50/100/200/1000 Certs

Reduces damage taken from anti-tank mines by 37%/50%/62%/75%.

30/50/100/150 Certs

Nanites constantly repair damage over time at a rate of 1.33%/2%/2.67%/3.33%/4% every 1 seconds. Damage disables auto repair for 12 seconds.

30/50/100/200/500 Certs

Increases the time required for seeking weapons to establish a lock by 0.5/1/1.5/2 seconds and reduces the mini-map auto-detect range of the vehicle to 42/28/14/0 meters.

30/100/200/1000 Certs


The Flash has access to 3 different passive performance chassis’:

Scrapper Combat Chassis
Racer High Speed Chassis
Surger Power Chassis

Improved traction, turning, brakes, and reverse speed. (All attributes increased over previous rank)

100/200/400 Certs

Improved handling and hill climbing. (All attributes increased over previous rank)

100/200/400 Certs

Improved speed and acceleration. (All attributes increased over previous rank)

100/200/400 Certs