All ground vehicles in Planetside 2 have a handbrake, bound by default to the spacebar. This can be used to manipulate traction, for slides and j-turns.


The harasser has a turbo boost which can be activated by pressing the shift key. Activating the turbo uses about 30% of the charge and then burns fuel as long as the shift key is held.

The boost is applied as a force on the vehicle, not as an increase in engine or wheel speed. If used in the air, it can increase the distance and hang time of a jump. It can also be used when upside down to potentially un-flip the vehicle.

Roll Control

While in the air, pressing the A and D keys will roll the vehicle left and right. This can be used to manipulate landing angles to get traction faster after landing or reduce fall damage. It can also be used in combination with turbo for a better chance at un-flipping.


The third seat in the harasser is an open-air jump seat. From here, you can use the Nano-Armor Kit (Repair Gun) to repair on the move, by looking down and to the left or right as far as possible. Once the repair has started, you can look freely without ending the repair. You can also place mines or C4 and fire weapons from the back seat.