The Valkyrie is an All Faction Light transport aircraft commonly used as a smaller more maneuverable substitute for a Galaxy. It has 3000 default hp and carries 2 crew, A pilot and a gunner, as well as 4 passengers in rumble seats with two in each “door”. Due to the nature of rumble seats, passengers can shoot, repair, and/or throw grenades without ever leaving the vehicle. The Valkyrie also costs 250 (nanites), making it the cheapest air vehicle resource-wise. This makes it a popular “sky taxi” to get people from base to base. The Valkyrie, unlike the galaxy or liberator, can take damage from small arms fire.

Valkyries are best defined as Sky Harassers. A single Valkyrie can barely hold its own versus a skilled ESF (especially if you don’t have an engineer in a rumble seat). Similar to how harassers cannot last against a tank unless they can out-maneuver it.
A2A fighting requires both a skilled pilot and a skilled gunner. A2G requires the pilot to know when to leave.

Valkyrie Weapons

The M20 Wyvern is the stock weapon on the Valkyrie. It maintains a good balance between anti-armor and anti-infantry, is easy to use, and is the best anti-air the valkyrie has. It suffers from a small total ammo pool which makes certing into Ammo Capacity a must. For the Wyvern Magazine Size and Reload speed are basically interchangeable DPS wise so it usually boils down to gunner preference.

The CAS 14-E is one of the best, most forgiving infantry shredders in the game. And definitely the best Valk Based Anti-infantry gun. Due to its large magazine size and AOE rounds, landing shots around soft targets will still get you a kill. It will Damage heavy armor but it will take you much longer to kill vehicles than any other Valk gun. Due to its short 2-second stock reload time, Magazine size is the way to go adding an extra 20 rounds for a total of 80 per mag (when maxed). Total Ammo capacity is also quite high on the CAS-14 so running out is much less of a problem than any other gun on this list. Besides the low damage to armored targets, the CAS also suffers from relatively low accuracy making it difficult to use at longer ranges.

The Hellion is a great weapon for close-range armor busting, it can also be effectively used against other aircraft at close ranges as well. It is also the only weapon on the Valkyrie with a spin up time, taking roughly two seconds to reach its maximum ROF. The Hellion takes some getting used to due to both its spin up time and the fact that the bullets seem to trail behind compared to other guns like the Wyvern.

The Pelter is a dumb fire “Rocket box” that can deliver 10 (12 with max mag size upgrade) Anti armor rockets on target in a very short time. The Pelter is a favorite weapon for those who prefer high damage strafing runs. The Pelter can also take on single infantry targets due to its small explosive AOE. The Pelter sufferers from a very low overall ammo pool and even when upgraded cannot stray far from either an air pad or ammo Sunderer when in sustained combat. The Pelter is very bad at fighting other air targets so being within range of friendly air or AA is usually necessary. 

The VLG is a Laser Guided single fire rocket launcher. Commonly considered the love child between the Dalton and Hornet Missiles. The VLG has a very fast reload time and is a favorite among those who take the time to get used to it. In the hands of a good gunner, the VLG can also be used against air targets with great success. For the VLG reload time is the only cert path. The VLG is great against ground targets but takes time to get familiar with if you plan on using it against infantry or air targets.

Slot Modifications:

Utility Slot

(Not Recommended) 

  • Decoy flares cancel lock-ons for a small period of time. it both disrupts missiles that have already launched or have aimed at the vehicle as well as prevents enemies from acquiring a lock. cool down Decreases with module level
  • Decoy Flares can be used when ground targets decide to focus air targets with lock-ons, however, due to the warning tone as well as the missile marker on the minimap, infantry who launch lock-ons give away their positions and can be engaged with minimal communication between the pilot and gunner. The valkyrie also has enough total health to take several rocket hits and still be able to leave to repair.

Level 1  disrupt lockons for 8 seconds, 35 second cooldown. (100 certs)

Level 2  30 second cooldown. (200 certs)

Level 3  27 second cooldown. (500 certs)

Level 4 25 second cooldown (1000 certs)



  • All levels repair 15% of the total vehicle health pool over 5 seconds. Higher levels have a faster cooldown. If the vehicle is burning, fire suppression will immediately bring the vehicle health just above the burning point before repairing the 15%
  • When the Valkyrie catches fire it immediately loses a large chunk of its forward velocity when flying, as well as suffers from greatly reduced upward thrust. fire suppression serves as either an instant repair or a button-press lifesaver. downside is the relatively long cool-down time.

Level 1 55-second cooldown. (30 certs)

Level 2 50-second cooldown. (100 certs)

Level 3 47-second cooldown. (200 certs)

Level 4 45-second cooldown. (500 certs)

  • Automatically spots moving hostile infantry within 50-200m depending on level (spot range increases my 50m per level)
  • goes well with the CAS-14E for anti-infantry work.

Lvl 1 (50 certs) 50m range

Lvl 2 (100 certs) 100m range

Lvl 3 (200 certs) 150m range

Lvl 4 (500 certs) 200m range

Defense Slot

  • Increases the time required for lock-on weapons to achieve a lock. As well as reduces range from auto-detect as well as engagement radar.
  • Allows for quick getaways as well as a bit of extra warning for when rockets are coming your way.

Level 1 (30 certs) Increases lock-on time by .25 seconds, minimap auto-detect range to 174m and engagement radar detection by 150m.

Level 2 (100 certs) Increases lock-on time by .5 seconds, reduces auto-detect to 116m and engagement radar detection by 250m 

Level 3 (200 certs) Increases lock-on time by .75 seconds, reduces auto-detect to 58m and engagement radar detection by 350m

Level 4 (1000 certs) Increases lock-on time by 1 second, completely prevents auto-detect and reduces engagement radar detection by 450m

(Not Recommended)

  • Nanite auto repair (NAR) is useful for solo vehicles when you don’t want to have to land to repair. However, the Valkyrie is not designed as a solo vehicle, and with the ability for the gunner or a passenger to use a repair tool on the aircraft while flying via the rumble seats, NAR has less use on a Valkyrie than most other vehicles.

Level 1 (50 certs) Repairs 4.17% every 5 seconds. Damage disables auto repair for 12 seconds.

Level 2 (100 certs) Repairs 5% every 5 seconds. Damage disables auto repair for 12 seconds.

Level 3 (150 certs) Repairs 5.8% every 5 seconds. Damage disables auto repair for 12 seconds.

level 4 (200 certs) Repairs 6.5% every 5 seconds. Damage disables auto repair for 12 seconds.

level 5 (500 certs) Repairs 7.5% every 5 seconds. Damage disables auto repair for 12 seconds.


  • Increases the total vehicle health pool. Synergises well with Fire suppression as both are percentage-based, allowing for more health to be regained during the time fire suppression is active.
  • Composite armor allows pilots to stick around longer in particularly hot areas to either provide sustained close air support or to have the extra time to successfully kill armored or air targets.


Rank 1 (100 certs) +345hp

Rank 2 (200 certs) +405hp

Rank 3 (500 certs) +420hp

Rank 4 (1000 certs) +450hp


Total vehicle HP at max rank- 3450


Performance Slot

  • Evasiveness Airframe improves roll rate, vertical thrust, and top speed.
  • If your looking to weave around trees to hide from enemies or play in a hit-and-run style Evasiveness gives the extra maneuverability to make quick corrections to dodge terrain as well as dogfight other aircraft.

(each level is more effective than previous)

Level 1 (100 certs)

Level 2 (200 certs)

Level 3 (400 certs)

(Not Recommended)

  • Improved Yaw rate and air brakes allow for predictable handling and a stable platform for gunners and infantry in the rumble seats. Turns the Valkyrie into a “mini galaxy” for infantry dropping. Very new pilot and new gunner friendly. 
  • Makes the Valkyrie into an easy stationary target for both anti aircraft as well as standard tank weapons.

(each level is more effective than previous)

Level 1 (100 certs)

Level 2 (200 certs)

Level 3 (400 certs)