February 7, 2020

PlanetSide 2 has had a variety of community resources for new and returning players over the years. One of the most popular was Iridar’s Gaming Blog, which went down some time ago and we haven’t had a comprehensive guide for all things PlanetSide since. Lots of community members during this time have stepped up to provide help and resources for players, but finding and tracking down these resources is difficult for both new and old players.

As a result, many PS2 community members have come together to work on a new resource inspired by Iridar’s site. The PlanetSide Guide aims to be that one-stop-shop for all PlanetSide 2 players, new and old alike. We are creating guides and providing objective information on vehicles, classes, implants, and weapons.

We started work on this some months ago, and we still have a long way to create the content we want. But we are thrilled to publicly share what we’ve completed so far, here on our website.

If you are interested in helping us out in any way possible, join our Discord – https://discord.gg/FvDUav4 where you can help out and join the content, media, coding, and/or infrastructure teams (or even as a grunt to help out with super simple stuff). We appreciate any and all help!

PlanetSide Guide will always be our guide; free to visit with no ads.